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OCYA Special Report: Aboriginal Young People in Care

The Office of the Child and Youth Advocate has developed a Special Report on the overrepresentation of Aboriginal young people in the Child Intervention system in Alberta. The term Aboriginal includes First Nation, Métis, and Inuit people of Canada.

Read our report “Voices for Change: Aboriginal Child Welfare in Alberta”.
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The Goals of this Special Report:

  1. Improve Aboriginal young people’s and families’ experiences and outcomes with child intervention.
  2. Push Aboriginal child intervention to a greater level of practice excellence.
  3. Collectively influence Government and others to change their relationship with First Nations and Métis peoples regarding child intervention.

Objectives of this Special Report:

  1. To learn about improving the Child Intervention system from:
    • Aboriginal young people and their families who have experience with the system.
    • Caregivers and other key stakeholders who support Aboriginal young people and families involved with the system.
  2. Reviewing current research that can help articulate how to improve outcomes for Aboriginal children and families regarding child intervention.
  3. To identify what works to improve outcomes for Aboriginal children and families so we can do more of it.


Our desire was to hear from Aboriginal young people and their families from across Alberta who were currently receiving intervention services or had received intervention services under the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act and were interested in sharing their views with us.

We also wanted to hear from Service Providers and Stakeholders who work with Aboriginal young people and their families.

From January 2015 to mid-January 2016 we met with young people, Elders, families, caregivers and service providers from across the province to hear of their experiences. We met with groups, individuals, did telephone interviews and received input through our online survey. We plan to release our report in the spring of 2016.

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