OCYA Information for Children & Youth

Get Involved

…aka Youth Opportunities

The work we do revolves around young people…and we want young people to be engaged in our work.

There are many benefits from being involved:

  • You can help other children and youth,
  • You can assist in creating better systems for other children and youth,
  • You can develop skills – critical thinking, leadership and organizational skills.

There are many different ways to be involved– so that we hear your voice, consider your perspective and learn from you.

Youth Advisory Panel

One way we hear from young people is through our Youth Advisory Panel. The Youth Advisory Panel is a group of eight to ten youth who are appointed to the Panel for a period of two years to provide advice, feedback and information to our office on a variety of matters.

Friends of the Advocate

Another way we hear from young people is through our Friends of the Advocate program. If you are a youth under 24 years old and interested in being involved with our office, consider signing up to be a Friend! As a Friend of the Advocate, you will be invited to participate in various opportunities offered by our office. Through regular (monthly) communication, you will be informed of upcoming opportunities and events where you can become involved and provide your input.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Friend, email us at education@ocya.alberta.ca.
As a Friend of the Advocate, here are some of the opportunities that might be of interest to you:

  • One-time consultations – this is where we will want to get your feedback on issues and ideas our office is working on…like Special Reports.
  • Special Events and Opportunities – speaking on youth panels, participating in interviews, attending conferences and community events.
  • Internship and Employment Opportunities – summer internship positions, co-facilitating training and presentations in the community.
  • You will find out when spaces become available on our Youth Advisory Panel.

Click here for the application form.