OCYA Information for Children & Youth

Even if you are not sure who to ask for (or even if you're not sure you're calling the right place) – try us! One of our friendly intake workers will listen and will probably ask a few questions. Depending on your wants and needs, you may be assigned an Advocate or a Lawyer. If our office isn’t the right place for you, our intake workers can still help by providing other resources and people to talk to. See More

An Advocate is someone who will listen to your views, wishes and feelings. They are someone who will support you to have your say when decisions are being made about you. An Advocate strongly believes that children’s rights are important and will work hard to make sure that you know your rights and how they apply to your situation. If a young person is not able to make their views known, an Advocate will put forward a rights-based perspective. See More

Do you have a court matter coming up that will determine where you will live and who you will live with? You have a right to have your opinion heard by the judge. A lawyer may be able to help you. Contact our office to speak with an intake worker if you would like more details. See More

What happens when you call our office?

We understand that you may not feel comfortable making a call.

Expect to speak to a helpful person who will answer your questions.

Expect to be heard and respected.

You can lead the way.

You can feel safe.