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National Child Day 2013

“We Have A Voice”

The OCYA celebrated National Child Day with the launch of a powerful child-rights video, “We Have A Voice.”
The five-minute video and song lyrics educate young people about their rights and also encourage adults to respect the voice of youth, especially those youth receiving designated government services. This year’s theme is “It’s Our Right…To Be Heard.”

Watch the video here:
Download the Ringtone: We Have A Voice ringtone.mp3


Video Credits

Creative Brought to You by PlanIt Sound Inc.   http://www.planitsound.com/

Creative Directors: R.J. and Rowena Cui
Original Musical Composition by: Enoch Attey
Remixed by: Fred Brenton, PlanIt Sound Inc.
Artists: Mustafa Toa, Doris Djulic, Maigan van der Giessen
Backup Vocals by: Isabella Turner, Enoch Attey, Stephanie White and Aimee Bellrose

We Have A Voice – Lyrics

Stand up (you deserve it!) stand up (you deserve it)
Put your hands up (for your rights) hands up (for your rights)

I might only be 14, but I’ve got a voice too. I deserve to be heard.

Verse 1
It means a lot to be heard, and it is simple, I have a little story that I’ll get into
I was standing in line for a Starburst, there was a man behind me, he was served first
I tried standing up, I wasn’t big enough, speaking out, but it was kind of tough
It’s kind of rough, when you think about it, children’s opinions, just think about it
Don’t say you’re busy, or you forgot, when you listen, it means a lot
To their thoughts, you should listen, it was different when you didn’t want to do it
Then you did it, and it kind of made a difference
Equality, you were once my age and equal to me, the sequel to me
And you probably loved it, we are the future, so give us justice

We have a choice, believe in these words (oh owee oh)
We have a voice we need to be heard (oh ohwee oh)

Verse 2
I have a name, I have a voice, I have a face, that’s full of joy
I’ll embrace who I am, till the early morn, through the storm, till the end of the pour
Go ahead, be annoyed, but I’ma speak ’til I can’t breathe no more
I am me, so please try to push, so I can pull, and show I could
I’m F.R.E.E. / Grab my cape, and flee from thee, lightning seed, I’ll fight for equality
I may not be a prodigy, or always eat my broccoli
But I’ve got the super power, of being myself, I empower
How I stand, because in the outer, world nobody is a duplicate of who I am, let me be heard
Let me be loud, let me be first, to say that I am proud
And I have the right to play on these grounds
So let me run a few rounds, on the merry go round, or swing till I reach the clouds
I’ve never had a limit, and I won’t have one now

Verse 3
It’s when you feel you don’t belong that’s when you need someone to call
It’s when you feel so scared that’s when I’ll pick you up if you should fall
I’ll never judge where you come from or what you’ve done you’ve seen it all
Children have so much to teach, don’t disregard them ’cause they’re small
Take the time to play with children, show them you’re a big kid too
We all possess a superhero deep inside, let it break through
You have the right to learn, the right to play and know what’s false and true
Treat all children with respect, love and they’ll give it back to you

Bridge x 2, Chorus x 2, Bridge x 2