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Ensuring Quality Legal Representation

Youth Feedback

LRCY has a client feedback process to hear what young people have to say about their legal representation experiences. The feedback process began in mid-2009 with a pre-test and the development of a questionnaire. The information gained from this process assists LRCY and roster lawyers in understanding the expressed needs of young people, which can then be considered by lawyers in their practice and by LRCY in development of policies and procedures. Once a lawyer submits the final bill, LRCY contacts young people ages 12 years and over regarding their legal representation. LRCY doesn’t contact young people who, we are aware, have cognitive difficulties that may prevent them from understanding and answering the questions.

Expectations and Standards

To ensure children and youth receive quality legal representation through LRCY appointments, clear expectations and service standards are in place for LRCY lawyers. LRCY monitors for compliance with these policy requirements:

  • meet face to face with the young person before final submissions are made to the Court
  • have one contact after Court has made a final decision to explain the outcome
  • gather information from a variety of sources
  • represent the young person’s views in Court
  • attend the first hearing and all hearings of substance
  • advise young people of their procedural rights
  • submit invoices and case reporting in accordance with LRCY requirements

LRCY staff meet with lawyers regularly to review their compliance.

These activities are summarized yearly in the LRCY Annual Monitoring Reports available here.


The Mentor Program provides roster lawyers with access to expertise in procedural and substantive law, as well as guidance related to file management, as required. Mentors are selected by LRCY based on established criteria. To get the names of mentors, please contact the LRCY manager. For more information, see the “Mentor Program” section of the LRCY Policy Manual.

LRCY Roster Lawyer Training

Six hours of relevant training is required per year to maintain active status on the LRCY roster.