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All OCYA staff contribute to the office’s advocacy work. All staff also have primary responsibilities for certain functions in the office. Some examples of these roles and primary responsibilities include:

  • Public Education Specialists – provide public education to young people and other stakeholders
  • Indigenous Engagement Consultants – work with indigenous individuals and communities on issues affecting young people who are receiving government services
  • Investigators – identify systemic issues arising from serious injury or death of a child receiving services, or in care or custody
  • Advocates – provide individual advocacy services to young people who are receiving government services
  • Administrative Support – provide various administrative functions that support the operation of the OCYA

Career Opportunities

Director of Human Resources
Location: Edmonton
Closing date: May 30, 2024

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Practicum Opportunities

The OCYA supports post-secondary students through a practicum process. Please contact Jay Vandermeulen for further information on practicum opportunities: jay.vandermeulen@ocya.alberta.ca

Due to the specialized nature of services offered by the OCYA, the prospective practicum student must be completing their bachelor’s or master’s degree.