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How To Get On The Roster

For lawyers to be considered for membership on the LRCY roster they must:

  • Be active members in good standing with the Law Society of Alberta
  • Have practiced in the area of Family Law/Child Protection for a minimum of five years
  • Be willing to provide legal representation according to the expectations and service standards as identified in LRCY policy
  • Submit a letter of interest, resume and references
  • Provide any additional information requested by the LRCY Manager or Director


Currently, LRCY is not accepting new roster lawyers. Special consideration may be given if the lawyer:

  • Resides and practices in a rural or remote community
  • Has extensive legal experience in child protection matters
  • Has extensive experience working with and/or representing young people
  • Has extensive experience working with Indigenous children, families and communities
  • Has special skills including:
    • Specialization in Indigenous law
    • Specialization in immigration law
    • Speaks more than one language

If a lawyer meets one or more of the above considerations, a roster application may be considered.

If considered, lawyers will be asked to participate in a panel interview, involving an LRCY Mentor Lawyer, a young person and an LRCY staff member.

Lawyers who are successful through the interview process must complete an application form, Child Intervention Record Check and a Criminal Record Check with Vulnerability Sector.
To obtain more information about applying to become a member of the LRCY Roster, please contact:

Kirsten Wiebe, LRCY Manager
(780) 422-6104