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Quality Assurance

Providing quality services to young people is our top priority. The Quality Assurance team is responsible for measuring and reporting on the quality of services provided. Our Vision, Mission and Core Values, along with our Practice Framework, lay out how we want to serve young people and stakeholders. Based on this foundation, we have developed a Performance Measurement Framework that outlines the outcomes we’re working to achieve and the data sources we use to measure our progress.

Quality assurance information is used on an individual, program and organization level to continually improve services to young people.

Some examples of our current quality assurance activities include:

Service Standards

Individual Advocacy Services and Legal Representation for Children and Youth have service standards. The service standards set the minimum level of service that children and youth should expect to receive. These standards are in place to ensure young people receive consistent quality services from our office. When a service to an individual young person is concluded, the service is reviewed for the standards by an independent reviewer. These results are used to improve services and annual results are posted on the website.

Youth Surveys

Direct feedback from young people on the services they receive is a cornerstone of our Quality Assurance activities. Young people who have had services through Individual Advocacy Services and are over age 10, or Legal Representation for Children and Youth and are over age 12, are contacted to complete a telephone or text survey regarding their level of satisfaction with the services they received. Advocates and lawyers receive feedback, without the names of young people attached, and highly value what they have to say. Responses from young people are reported on in our Annual Report and are used to improve our services.

Engagement Evaluations

Attendees at presentations and workshops are asked to complete an evaluation of the presentation, including the quality and relevance of the information.

Performance Measures Reporting

Information is gathered from a variety of sources: service standards reviews, youth surveys, engagement evaluations and quantitative information from case management systems. This information is used to report on the achievement of performance measure targets in the Annual Report.